My Books: Adult Child of Hippies and Bad Mommy

I have two non-fiction humour books, both published by Insomniac Press, Toronto.

Adult Child of Hippies (2010)


Do you have a name such as Willow, River, Oak or Sunshine? Have you ever lived on a commune, or done yoga naked with your family? If yes, then you are an Adult Child of Hippies (ACOH). Adult Children of Hippies grew up in extreme conditions: eating sprouts, and lugging herbal tea in their Thermoses to school (if they were fortunate enough to make it to school). ACOHs were born and brought up mostly in the 70s and 80s. As their parents reveled in the counterculture, ACOHs struggled with basic hygiene, not to mention broader social acceptance. Until now, this group has not been represented in the media. Content with leaving the past in the past, ACOHs have successfully blended into the mainstream; but the memories and photos persist. Finally, Willow Yamauchi has brought her generational subculture into the light. We no longer need to feel alone or ashamed of our bizarre heritage. Take the test, see the pictures, and stand up tall! Say it: I am an Adult Child of Hippies…. and I am proud.

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Bad Mommy (2012)

bad mommy image

Women are expected to embrace the beautiful gift of becoming a Mommy. Giving birth, nourishing our young – these things are the fulfillment of a life’s ambition.

You’ll be spoken of in the same breath as patriotism and apple pie. There you’ll be: on a pedestal, admired, happy. All you have to do is be a Good Mommy.Alas, that is a lie. That creature: a figment of our imaginations. The truth is, you will fail. The truth is, we all fail.

Bad Mommy celebrates the parenting line between Joan Crawford and June Cleaver. Chances are, you already know the things you don’t do right, but what about everyone else?Wonder no longer, you are not alone. If you possess two X chromosomes and have ever contemplated joining the ranks of Mommy, you are, in fact, part of a secret sisterhood. For the first time ever, twenty of your comrades will peel back the veil of denial to confess their fears, shame and dirty little secret—every last one of us is a Bad Mommy.

Bad Mommy is the Silver Award Winner in Humour at the Forward Literature Awards.

You can purchase Bad Mommy on Amazon or Indigo or by clicking here.