My current love is radio broadcasting. Over the last five years I have been exploring storytelling through radio pieces-mostly featured on CBC radio. 

My first story, Behind the Bead Curtain was a 2 hour network documentary for the CBC exploring the story of Hippies-and their children-in Canada.  

After Behind the Bead Curtain I told a number of stories with the fabulous CBC program, DNTO. DNTO champions the personal tale, and I have a lot of them.

I have completed a number of stories for my favourite program of all, CBC NXNW. I have included a short documentary about a floating garden on Powell Lake, and several talk tapes in a series called “Locavore,” exploring the local food movement in BC- with an emphasis on food security and sustainability. 

My long form documentary Deaf Jam aired on CBC The Current in January 2015, and a signed version appeared on Youtube as well.

My documentary Miss Understanding and Miss Behaviour aired on CBC Ideas in June, 2015. It’s about a very special drag queen- I called dad!

My latest project was a documentary called End Notes  for CBC The Sunday Edition. Pianos are ending up in the garbage, watch a video  about it!

You can listen to each of these tracks by scrolling down the playlist, and then clicking to select.

 Thanks for listening.